EASY Opportunities for Ministry with Covenant Church

EASY Opportunities for Ministry with Covenant Church

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” 1 Corinthians 12:4–7, ESV

Dear friends,

We know that followers of the Lord Jesus are called to participate with him and one another in ministry, according to various callings and giftedness.

With this in mind, I've put together a list of ministry opportunities that are either easy, won't take long, or both!


The most important ministry you can do as a part of Covenant Church is to pray for the church, the community, and for the needs of those who are a part of the church. I've heard it said before by another minister, and I believe it to be true, that prayer is the "front lines" of gospel ministry.

Each week, a prayer card is available so that we're praying for the same things throughout the week. And a prayer email goes out weekly with prayer requests raised at the Sunday Evening Worship service. If you don't receive the prayer update email, please let me know at [email protected], or 818-237-4251.

Sign Up to Be a Greeter

Being a greeter on a Sunday morning or evening is a wonderful way to serve the Lord. You'll be the first person to welcome people to worship. Information about greeting and the greeter signup is below. Many opportunities are available!

Ministry Opportunity: Sign Up to Be a Greeter
“Greet every saint in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:21a, ESV) Dear friends, Sundays are a wonderful opportunity to welcome people to worship. The sorrowful and sad will come looking for hope and joy. The heavy will come looking to have their burden lifted. The rejoicing will come to sing songs

Take Photos

Covenant Church needs your photos! Photos are always needed for church updates on the website, social media, invitations, and more. Photos can be texted to me at 818-237-4251.

  • Photos of Covenant Church worship services and events are fantastic. Please send any you take to me, or post them online yourself.
  • Photos around Burbank / Los Angeles are always needed for church invitations. Please send those to me as well when you see anything interesting around town! It's best in these if the faces of people you don't know are not visible.

Social Media Engagement

Engagement with church social media posts is a huge help for getting posts and stories, etc. to be seen by the community. This is important that the spiritually hungry will know where they can come and find food for the soul.

  • If you see something online from the church that you like, please "like" it and leave a comment. Likes and comments on Covenant Church posts are fantastic.
  • Tagging @covenantburbank in your own posts is a great opportunity as well.
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Inviting Friends to the Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, and More

The evening studies are some of the best opportunities to invite friends, colleagues, and neighbors to come and meet the people of Covenant Church. These studies are always open-invitation and you know that your friends won't be put under pressure to answer questions, etc.

Sunday worship is, of course, probably the best opportunity to invite friends and colleagues. Covenant Church Evening Worship at 6:00 PM on Sundays is a shorter worship service and there's opportunity at the conclusion of worship for anyone to ask questions of the minister.

Google Reviews

Leaving a review on Google is another opportunity to get the church out in front of those who might be looking for hope in Burbank / Los Angeles.

Reviews can be posted at this link:

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Thank You!

I'm very glad to be in this ministry with you.

-Pastor Brooks