Snack table at a recent Covenant church core group meeting.

You Are Invited.

Covenant is a new church that's just getting started in Burbank. Right now, we're a group who, most Sunday evenings, are meeting together to learn more about who God is, how we can better demonstrate love to our Burbank community, and what makes a church. We have a great time!

You are invited to join us Sunday evenings. Our schedule is regularly updated here:

Meeting Times & Locations
We hope to launch public worship services in the Fall of 2022. Until then, many of our meetings are at a variety of homes and locations. So we don’t have to publish them online, please contact us for specific addresses. We look forward to meeting you! A frequently updated list

And while I'm sure we'd love to have you on our list of families committed to the church, you'll never be pressured to join. We're glad to see you once or often.

Please text pastor Brooks to find out the address of the meeting location for this coming week.

Contact Us
Contact Covenant Burbank, a new church that’s Presbyterian and Reformed in Burbank, California.

We look forward to seeing you!