Who We Are

Who We Are

Covenant church is just getting started. We are a church plant of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination.

We would love for you to join us.

Here's what we hope Covenant will be.

A Church that Loves God, Scripture, and Neighbors
Covenant will seek to glorify and enjoy God by diligent study of his Word and by regular, consistent practice of the means of grace. Covenant will seek to demonstrate love and care for all of its neighbors.
(Psalm 119:15-16; Matthew 22:37-40)

A Church that Practices Community
Covenant will practice intentional community in worship, prayer, and fellowship that there might be unity among believers and love and care for one another. This is so God may be glorified and that some of those who are yet of the world may see and long to believe .
(John 17:23, Acts 22:42-47)

A Church that Loves Burbank, L.A. County, & Beyond
Covenant will enjoy praying for, living in, and building up Burbank, and also L.A. County and beyond. Covenant will seek to serve, and to thrive in the opportunities that our cities provide for family, work, creativity, and city life by faith in the Lord Jesus and through the gospel.
(John 8:12, John 17:13-21)

A Church that Seeks to Partner & Encourage
To God’s glory, there is gospel ministry happening in Burbank already from other churches and denominations. Covenant will seek to work in partnership with existing ministries by prayer, service, and encouragement, that all might be built up and edified through the Holy Spirit with joy.
(Philippians 2:1-16)

The Name "Covenant"

We know that living and/or working in and around L.A. County is often filled with uncertainty. Production and gigs come and go. For many of us, we never know when or if we’ll be hired again. Our high cost of living adds to the stress of uncertainty. But God has made covenant promises of certainty in some things, like his love for his people in the Lord Jesus. From God, a covenant promise is a promise that cannot be broken. God’s people can have confidence in his unchanging love.

The name “Covenant” provides opportunity to tell and to speak much and often of the unchanging covenant love of God.

Denominational Affiliation?

Covenant is mission church in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Being affiliated with a denomination provides accountability, resources, and connections.