Two New Website Pages!

Two New Website Pages!

Dear friends,

I'm excited to tell you that we've added two new pages to the website. I hope and pray that these are a resource to you.

Youth Group

Covenant Church Youth Group
The Covenant Church Youth Group is for students who are in Middle and High School. All youth are invited for games, fellowship, delicious food, study of Scripture, and what’s always a fun time! Questions? Please contact Pastor Brooks at 818-237-4251 or [email protected]. Parents of youth and approved volunteers

The youth group page is designed to be easy to send to middle and high school youth and their parents.

I plan to keep the page updated with upcoming events and meeting addresses, so it works well as a resource and as an invitation.


Resources From the Pulpit Ministry of Covenant Church
We hope that you find the resources below helpful and an encouragement in your walk with Christ. Preaching series include (so far!): Morning Worship (10:00 AM) * Ephesians (April 2023 — November 2023) * Advent (December 2023) * Encounters with Jesus in John’s Gospel (January 2024 to March 2024) * The Resurrection (March 2024)

The sermons page is designed to be a resource both now and into the future for listening back to the sermons preached.

The first group I've compiled is the expository preaching series through Ephesians. All but one of the Ephesians sermons were preached before we had (or had figured out how to use!) the lapel mics that capture high quality audio. So the Ephesians page is primarily a compilation of YouTube live stream links.

Starting April 21, I'm planning to upload edited sermon-solo'd high quality audio for streaming and download of sermons preached both in Morning Worship and in Evening Worship at the conclusion of each Lord's Day.

I'm planning to go through and upload as many sermons as are available for the other sermon series ASAP.

Thank you! And I hope these are both an encouragement to you. It has been a lot of fun looking back at worship services from nearly a year ago — and if you've worshiped with Covenant Church this year, I hope you'll look back as well and be encouraged by God's work in and through us!

-Pastor Brooks