The Vision for Covenant Church

The Vision for Covenant Church

Dear friends,

This is an exciting time!

I'm very encouraged to present to you the "Vision" for Covenant Church. Set five years in the future, this, I pray, gives you a clear view of the direction that I believe God has called us to and is equipping us to pursue.

Covenant is a new church with a renewed concept of what a church should be, but with historic roots to the 1600's and the Reformation. Our foundation is solid, built upon Jesus.

As we grow, and God gives opportunities to glorify and enjoy him, this Vision and these stories will continue to grow as well.

I would love to know your thoughts on this Vision and whether you think anything is missing.

Friends, I hope you'll share this with others. As you're talking with a friend, neighbor, or colleague about Covenant Church, and they ask you what it's all about, share this Vision with them, and ask them to come!

Covenant Church Vision
Below you’ll find a vision and stories about Covenant Church, a church that, as I’m writing this in 2023, is just starting in Burbank.

In Christ,

-Pastor Brooks