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The Christian's Peace

I have over the last several days enjoyed reading some of the writing of William Bridge. Rev. Bridge was a minister in the Netherlands and England and was a member of the Westminster Assembly.

I hope you'll find the below words, from a sermon that he preached in 1648, on the peace that's available to the Christian  - as encouraging as I do.

If you'd like to download this sermon and the rest of the volume that I'm reading, it's available at the link below the quote. This quote is from the first sermon listed in the second volume of his works.

If you'd like to hear more and talk with others about Christian peace, then join us Sunday evenings at 6:30 for Bible study, the core group meeting and prayer!

“The saints and people of God have no reason for their discouragements whatever their condition be.” (4)
“The saints and people of God do walk with God, they converse with God, they do acquaint themselves with God. Now if ye look into Job XII 21, ye shall find that this acquaintance bringeth rest and peace: “Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace.” The saints and people of God are, as I may so speak, of God’s special acquaintance, and so have peace, for they do walk with God, and have communion with him. They have communion with the Father, and he is the God of all consolation; they have communion and fellowship with the Son, and he is the Prince of Peace; they have communion and fellowship with the Spirit, and he is the Comforter: they have communion with the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit, in and by the gospel; and that is the word of peace, the gospel of peace. How can it therefore be, but that the saints and people of God ordinarily should have peace within?” (5)
“When our Lord and Saviour Christ left the world, he said unto his disciples, “My peace I give unto you; my peace I leave with you: not as the world gives peace, but my peace I give unto you,” John XIV. 27. And as soon as ever Christ rose from the dead again, and met with his disciples, what doth he say unto them? When they were all met together, “Peace be unto you,” John XX. 19. As it was his last words when he left them, so it is the first word that now he use the when he seeth them again. But O Lord, we have sinned greatly since we saw thee. Be it so, I know it very well, yet “Peace be unto.” Peace when he went away, and peace when he came again: this is his language and this is his disposition still.” (9)
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