Bible, notebook, and sharpened pencil
Bible, Notebook, and Pencil - Great Companions for 2024. 

Read the Whole Bible in 2024 with Covenant Church

Dear friends,

What a joy to enter into this new year with you! God greatly blessed us in 2023 — it's incredible to think of what he might do to his glory in and through Covenant Church in 2024!

This year, let's strive together to read through the entire Bible that we would be equipped for the ministry to which God might call us in 2024 and beyond!

Please let me know if you're planning to read through the Bible this year by texting me at 818-237-4251 so I can pray for you and encourage you along the way.

Bible Reading Options

It's not necessary (or recommended!) to read the Bible straight through from Genesis to Revelation. Instead, it's usually best to mix and match book, genre, and chapters. You'll find, by reading in a variety of places in the Scriptures, how the verses complement and build upon one another.

Top Recommendation:

A new weekly Podcast has just started and the first episode is out now from Emily Woodard and her father, Dr. Mark Ross (both ARP's and I could not say enough good things about either) with encouragement, help, and explanation for anyone reading through the Bible in chronological order using the Blue Letter Bible Chronological Plan. Each episode will feature a Preview and Review of the Scripture upcoming and the Scripture that has come before.

Because of this Podcast, this is the reading plan I'm intending to follow this year. I hope you'll consider joining with me!

Here's a link to the Podcast:

‎I Asked My Dad on Apple Podcasts
‎Religion & Spirituality · 2023

Here's a file download of the Blue Letter Bible Chronological Plan:

Additional Options

To help you complete a Bible-in-a-Year goal, I've created a Google Doc that has each book of the Bible and chapter number in a checklist that you can print and tape to your fridge or stick in your bag. Or you can make a digital copy and check off each chapter online. The printable includes lines after each chapter for writing the date completed or notes.

If using the online / phone version, make a copy in Google Docs and then add a shortcut to the home screen of your phone for easy access and reminders.


Online / Phone:

Online Bible Reading Checklist

There are a variety of wonderful plans for reading the Bible in a year that you may find helpful and fun. These plans can be used in conjunction with the checklist documents above. I'll include links to some recommended plans below.

Whichever plan you choose, please stick with it! Perserverence will be key in this. And keep a notebook close at hand to write down questions that come up as you read. Bring those questions to Evening Worship for "Questions to the Minister and Answers!"

M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

Probably the most popular Bible in a year plan. Developed by Robert Murray M'Cheyne, the famous minister and missionary. Four chapters per day, seven days / week, OT once and NT / Psalms twice. Below is a PDF retrieved from

Five Day Bible Reading Plan

Read through the whole Bible on a five-day schedule instead of a seven day. Gives some wiggle room if you can't complete a full day's readings as you'll have the weekends to get caught up. PDF retrieved from

The Psalms–Ezekiel Bible Reading Plan

Read through the Old Testament and New Testament once with this plan. It's called Psalms-Ezekiel because you'll read through the Psalms and Ezekiel alongside Old Testament readings before starting in on New Testament readings. More information can be found here:

Downloadable PDF of this plan is available here:

P.S., If you'd like to listen to the Bible being read, a tremendous resource is the ESV Bible app. It's free and has two fantastic voice options to choose from.

iPhone link:

‎ESV Bible
‎The ESV Bible app was designed to be the most beautiful and intuitive Bible app available. The app includes free resources such as interactive reading plans, audio streaming, and free access to the full ESV Global Study Bible. • Read. Dig into the English Standard Version via an elegant interface…

Android link:

ESV Bible - Apps on Google Play
Dig into God’s Word with free reading plans, streaming audio, and study tools.

Thank you!

-Pastor Brooks