Covenant Church: Worship & Setup Tomorrow!

Covenant Church: Worship & Setup Tomorrow!

Dear friends,

Tomorrow is another wonderful opportunity to turn our hearts to the Lord together in worship. It's a real joy to plan to gather with you.

Our schedule for this Sunday is as follows:

Setup: 8 AM

At 8 AM we'll begin setting up for worship. Please join us if you can — and you'll get first pick of the donuts!
Morning Worship: 10 AM

Sermon text: Ephesians 2:1-4a

Morning worship includes the Lord's Supper
Evening Worship: 6 PM

Sermon text: Nehemiah 1
(The beginning of a new series on Nehemiah)

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (if not before!)!

-Pastor Brooks

Covenant Church Vision
Below you’ll find a vision and stories about Covenant Church, a church that, as I’m writing this in 2023, is just starting in Burbank.