Bulletin Covers: A Call for Photo Submissions
A previous Covenant Church worship bulletin cover

Bulletin Covers: A Call for Photo Submissions

Dear friends,

I'm really enjoying our Covenant Church bulletins. I hope you are as well!

We have physical bulletins so that you're able, in the days, weeks, and years following the worship service, to easily reference the Scriptures that were read, the songs that were sung, the prayer requests that were raised, the Scripture that was preached, and the blessing that was pronounced. Please make sure you utilize your bulletin! And hold on to it for when, say, in the middle of the night, God brings to your mind some Scripture reference from a Covenant Church worship service many weeks before. And you'll easily be able to find what it was.

Each week we print a new batch of bulletin covers, while reusing some of the previous weeks as well. You are invited to submit photos for consideration for a future cover!

Some guidelines for submission:

  • The photo should be of a general scene around Burbank / Los Angeles
  • No specific people / pet / family photos please
  • The photo should be taken by you

To submit a photo, please email as an attachment to [email protected]

I think this will be a lot of fun! And I look forward to seeing your photos. This isn't only for this Sunday — but into the future as well.

-Pastor Brooks